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Our Vision, Aims and Values

Dream, Believe, Achieve…

Our Vision

Working together: our key partners (staff, governors, parents/carers and the local community) are committed to inspiring our future generations, so we achieve educational excellence and develop children’s individual talents and characters so everyone develops a thirst for knowledge and a love of learning, for life, and is proud to be part of our whole school community.


We are committed to inclusion, believing that every child has the right to succeed, we take responsibility to ensure that barriers to learning are overcome and that all children succeed in realising their potential to be the best they can be; irrespective of their backgrounds or starting points.


Our Whole School Community aims are to be:

  • welcoming
  • safe
  • happy
  • positive
  • supportive
  • inclusive

Where every individual:

  • has opportunities
  • is treated fairly
  • is valued for being themselves
  • has a sense of belonging
  • participates fully in school life
  • understands wider issues


Underpinning our vision and aims are:

Our Core Values are:

  • to have healthy bodies and minds (health)
  • to respect the school, everyone in it and the local community (respect)
  • to be responsible for our actions and be honest, even when we make mistakes (honesty)
  • to show care and understanding towards each other and think from others’ perspectives as well as our own (care)
  • to communicate politely and effectively with others (communication)
  • to engage with the school curriculum and be curious about what we don’t know or can’t do yet (curiosity)
  • to think creatively when faced with a problem or challenge (creativity)