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Welcome to our staff page. Here you will find all of our teaching staff, support staff and admin staff from September 2018.

To see if we have any vacancies to join our team, click here.

Senior Leadership Team

Mr S. Halliwell- Headteacher
Mrs J. Tripp- Deputy Headteacher
Miss C. McCleallan- Assistant Headteacher
Mrs E. Heggie- Assistant Headteacher & SENCo
Mr J. O'Byrne- Assistant Headteacher & DSL

Early Years & Key Stage 1 Team

Miss C. McCleallan- AHT: Early Years & KS1 Lead
Miss N. Scott: Early Years Lead &Squirrels Teacher
Ms C. Ezigwe- Reception Class Teacher
Miss H. Hanson- Year 1 Lead/ Pink Class Teacher
Ms D. Markham- Nursery Teacher
Mrs N. Tregent- Rabbits Class Teacher (Reception)
Mrs E. Timbulas- Blue Class Teacher (Year 1)
Miss N. Marshall- Green Class Teacher (Year 1)
Mrs B. Mohamed- Yellow Class Teacher (Year 2)
Mrs J. Neal- Nursery Nurse (p/t)
Miss S. Arthur- Nursery Teaching Assistant
Miss L. Wedge- Reception Teaching Assistant
Miss T. Lloyd- Reception Teaching Assistant
Mrs J. Binks- Reception/SEN Teaching Assistant
Miss D. Jeffard- Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs M. Steward- Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Miss A. Ali- Higher Level TA (Year 2)
Mrs J. Cook- Higher Level TA (Year 2)
Miss B. Bharadwaj- Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs J. Marbe- Nursery Nurse (p/t)
Mrs R. Elliott- Teaching Assistant (p/t)
Mrs A. Urcuri - Teaching Assistant Apprentice
Miss A. Cross- Apprentice Teaching Assistant

Key Stage 2 Team

Ms S. Tariq- Year 3 Lead/ Red Class Teacher
Mrs S. Cooper- Year 5 Lead/ Gold Class Teacher
Miss V. Wright- Year 6 Year Group Leader
Mr S. Cartwright- Silver Class Teacher (Year 5)
Miss K. Nunn- Emerald Class Teacher (Year 3)
Miss M. Veysi- White Class Teacher (Year 4)
Miss S. Thomas- Year 4 Class Teacher
Miss A. Ceesay- Platinum Class Teacher (Year 5)
Miss L. Sultana- Year 3 Class Teacher
Miss R. Newlyn- Beige Class Teacher (Year 6)
Mr P. Woni- Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Miss L. Perry- Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Mr T. Smith- Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Miss R. Bejti- Year 5 Teaching Assistant
Mrs I. Haddon- Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Mrs M. Postbeschild- Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Miss G. Easter- Apprentice Teaching Assistant

Specialist Teachers & Support Staff

Mr S. Stevens- PE Teacher
Mr S. Orr- Art Teacher
Ms D. Whelan- Music Teacher
Mr D. Raybe- Apprentice Sports Coach

Inclusion Team

Mrs E. Heggie- AHT: SENCo
Mr J. O'Byrne- AHT: Social Inclusion/Safeguardng
Ms J. Tyler- Learning Mentor
Mr T. Raybe- Learning Mentor
Miss D. Dobson- Learning Mentor (Thrive)
Mrs C. Partridge- Welfare Officer
Mrs G. Wiseman- Family Support Worker
Mrs K. Overton- HLTA: Higher Needs SEN Support
Mrs K. Wolstenholme- SEN Teaching Assistant
Miss J. Kinggett - SEN Teaching Assistant
Miss V. Visockyte- SEN Apprentice T.A.

School Support Staff

Ms J. Walker- School Business Manager
Mrs T. Page- Office Manager
Miss K. Bunker- Finance & HR Assistant
Mr J. Mitchell- Site Manager
Miss A. Miller- Office Administrator
Miss T. Harrington- Apprentice Administrator

Lunchtime Assistants:

Mrs S Miller, Mrs C Sampson, Mrs R Mujeeb, Mrs E Lake, Mrs R Syers, Ms A Akinyemi, Mrs A Jones, Ms K Hobden, Mrs I Drew, Ms C Hendy, Mrs Downton