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Science @ Southwood

Vision for Science

Science at Southwood will promote curiosity at every opportunity.

Principles for Science Learning

  • Southwood Science is pupil led, practical and ‘hands-on’, giving a real life context.
  • Southwood Science should be engaging and fun.
  • Southwood Science should promote ‘talk’ and ‘deeper thinking’, allowing children to make connections with previous learning and experiences.
  • Southwood Science is about getting outside and experiencing Science in the wide world.
  • Southwood Science introduces the correct scientific vocabulary which allows children to communicate using subject specific language.
  • Southwood Science explores the lives of famous historical and modern day scientists.
  • Southwood Science introduces children to real scientists and engineers to see how STEM subjects are used in the work place.

Southwood Science Progression

At Southwood Primary we aim to provide our children with scientific experiences, that can be developed and built upon, throughout their school journey.


Through our rich science curriculum, we aim to give children experiences that will enable them to develop the skills they need to work and think scientifically.

Science Programme of Study

At Southwood, children are provided with a rich variety of scientific experiences from across the areas of Biology, Physics and Chemistry.