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PACE Trust

Primary Alliance for Collaborative Engagement (PACE)

Inspire to Aspire


Inspire to Aspire: We know that we can provide more and better collectively than we can separately.Inspire to Aspire: We know that we can provide more and better collectively than we can separately.


Ethos and Values

Our values are: moral purpose, uniqueness, equality, inclusiveness, opportunity, innovation, partnership, forward thinking, being inspirational and aspirational.


Strategic Priorities

  1. Ensure all children have strong outcomes and good progress in all areas.
  2. Expand the capacity of staff and expertise across the partner schools to improve the quality of teaching.
  3. Establish strong financial management to maximise budget resources and provide better value for money.
  4. Exploit opportunities for innovative practice to improve and enrich the curriculum.
  5. Strengthen existing partnerships with stakeholders and develop new partnership working.
  6. Ensure the business of the Trust is managed effectively.


PACE is:

  • Primary Alliance for Collaborative Engagement                               
  • A Limited Company formed in April 2016.
  • Comprised of 8 local Barking and Dagenham schools:
    • Becontree Primary School 
    • Five Elms Primary School
    • Gascoigne Primary School
    • Grafton Primary School
    • Henry Green Primary School
    • Southwood Primary School
    • Valence Primary School
    • William Bellamy Primary School
  • Serving approximately 6000 children.
  • Made up of maintained local authority schools.


The schools have a history over several years of successful collaborative working. The Trust was created in order to formalise and develop more effective school to school support and collaboration in a variety of ways.