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PSHE & RSE consultation

At Southwood Primary School, we believe that promoting the health and wellbeing of our pupils is an extremely important part of their overall education. We do this through our Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education curriculum (PSHE), which is taught weekly in every class from Reception to Year 6. This is taught through 3 main themes: health and wellbeing, relationships and living in the wider world. 


As you may be aware Relationships and Health Education will become compulsory in all primary schools and Relationships and Sex Education in all secondary schools in 2020. In preparation for this, we are in the process of reviewing our PSHE curriculum to ensure that Relationships, Health and Sex Education are incorporated successfully into our current plans. 


In addition to statutory requirements, the DfE continues to recommend that all primary schools should have a Sex Education programme tailored to the age and the physical and emotional maturity of the pupils. 


As a school we are fully complying with the DfE recommendation to deliver Sex Education beyond statutory Relationships, Science and Health Education requirements. Please refer to Section 12 of the policy for details. As such we are referring to Relationships Education throughout this policy as Relationships and Sex Education (RSE).


As part of the process, we would like to consult with parents to enable you to give your views and ask any questions. You will find the proposed Relationships, Health and Sex Education policy below so that you can see what we plan to teach in each year group. Please be advised that with every subject, the lessons on the overview may be moved around and taught at different points in the year to suit the content of the curriculum and needs of the year group. You will also receive a link, via class dojo, to our school survey. Your response will help inform our policy and curriculum offer.  


We have also attached the Department for Education guidance for parents.


It is important that your child receives the best possible Relationships and Health Education in order to safeguard them during their school years and thereafter. We know that it is of vital importance that those teaching your children (whether it be parent or class teacher) are well equipped in order to implement the learning in a safe and respectful environment. It is also important that the educator is able to deal honestly and sensitively with any questions or concerns your child may have. Staff at Southwood Primary School will be receiving appropriate support and given the tools and confidence to implement the new curriculum. We are also happy to support parents and carers in any way that we can. 


If you have any questions regarding the updated PSHE curriculum which includes the new Relationships, Health and Sex Education components, please do not hesitate to talk with the class teacher or make an appointment at front office with Mr O'Byrne. 

DfE Relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education

DfE Frequently Asked Questions


DfE Relationships, sex and health education: guides for parents





Southwood RSE & PSHE Policy 202021