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Sport @ Southwood

Reception classes enjoying thier Sports Day

Our Yr5 & 6 enjoying Sports day

Our Panathlon team had a great day out at the East London Finals ( 2/5/24 )

Our Badminton team not only represented the school but also the Borough at the London Youth Games, they have had a great time and loved the medals at thrle end ( 21/3/24 )

Our Panathlon team had another amazing day, bringing home a Silver medal in the borough festival

Badminton Champions - our Badminton team won the B&D Festival and will now go to the LYG represemting the Borough ( 5/3/24 )

Our Yr 3 & 4 Indoor Athletics team enjoyed the day out at the Borough competition ( 13/02/24 )

The Yr6 Netball team had a good day at the Borough Comp winning half there games ( 07/02/24 )

Yr 3 had a great day learning to ride there bikes ( 06/02/24 )

Our Yr 6 Boys enjoyed there 1st win of the season against neighbours Sydney Russell winning 4-3 in a thoroughly entertaining game ( 23/01/24 )

Our Girls Football team had a tough day at the office but never gave up trying against a well drilled Northbury team ( 7/12/23 )

Our Yr5 & yr6 Athletics team had an enjoyable day out at the Borough Comoetition

Our Yr 6 Basketball team had an enjoyable day out at the Borough Festival - winning 2 games, 1 draw & 1 lose ( 13/11/23)

Our Yr5 & 6 Girls football team played their 1st game of the season and were victorious against Eastbury school - Well done Girls ( 5/10/23)

Some of our Yr5 & Yr6 children visited the Lee Valley water ctr to watch the World Championship amd met British Canioeist Chris Bowers and enjoyed a paddle with him

2023-2024 PE Curriculum Map


PE Curriculum Map 2023/2024
 Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
7 weeks7 weeks6 weeks6 weeks6 weeks7 weeks
Year 1Dance – GrowingDance – HeroesDance – The ZooLocomotion ( Running )Ball Skills - Feet 1Gymnastics – unit 6    Lessons 7-12
Ball Skills - Hands 1Gymnastics – Wide, Narrow & CurledGymnastics – Body PartsLocomotion ( Jumping )Ball Skills - Hands 2Games for Understanding
Attack v Defence
Year 2Ball Skills
Hands 1
Gymnastics – LinkingDance –    WaterBall Skills
Feet 1
Locomotion ( Jumping )Locomotion ( Running )
Ball Skills - Rackets,bats & ballsDance: Unit 1 -Sleigh RideGymnastics –  Pathways Games for Understanding
Attack v Defence
Ball Skills - Hands 2Dance ( Wild Animals )
Year 3 Football                                ( pass & control )Gymnastics                          ( Symmetry & Asymmetry )Gymnastics -                       ( appartatus )Basketball                           ( Catch & pass )Athletics -                             ( Running )Tennis                                   ( grip, balance & movement )
Health related exerciseDance ( Wild Animals )Hockey ( dribbling & passing )Netball                                  ( Catch & pass )Athletics                                             ( Throwing & Catching )Cricket                                    ( Fielding )
Year 4Health related exerciseDance                                    ( War )Basketball                            ( dribbling & movement )Badminton                               ( forehand & backhand )Athletics -                             ( Running )Cricket                                   ( Batting & bowling )
Football                                ( dribbling & movement )Gymnastics -                       ( Symmetry & Asymmetry )Netball                                  ( pass & shoot )Tennis                                  ( forehand & backhand )Athletics                                             ( Throwing & Catching )Hockey                                   ( passing & spacial awareness )
Year 5Football                                ( shoot & tackle )Gymnastics -                         ( bridges )Basketball                            ( spacial awareness )Badminton                               ( forehand & backhand )Athletics -                             ( Running )          Cricket                           ( positional games )
Health related exerciseDance ( Street Art )Netball                                ( Position & movement )Tennis                                   ( serve & volley )Athletics                                                  ( Throwing & Catching )Hockey                                   ( shooting & games )
Year 6 Football                      (games & rules )Gymnastics -                          ( counter balance & tension )Basketball                            ( games & rules ) Tennis                                    ( Games & rules )Athletics -                                          ( Running  competition )         Cricket                           ( Games & rules )
Health related exerciseDance ( Rio Carnival )Netball                                  ( Games & rules )Badminton                           ( spacial awareness & games )Athletics                                             ( Throwing & Catching )Hockey                                   ( games & rules )

Reception classes having a lovely morning enjoying Sports day ( 23/06/23)

Yr 5 & Yr 6 being very competitive at their Sports day ( 22/06/23)

Our Yr 3 & Yr 4 had a great Sports day morning - although very hot they all done extremely well ( 21/06/23)

Yr 1 & Yr 2 had a great morning in ther Sports day with lots of different activities ( 19/06/23 )

Our Yr.5 & 6 Athletics teams in action at the Borough Festival ( 14/06/23)

Our Yr3 & 4 enjoying there day out at the Borough Athletics

Dominick Cunningham the European and Commonwealth Gold Medalist putting our Gymnatics team through thier paces

Ex-pupil Dami Ogundele visited school today and held an assembly talking through his journey in becoming a Pro Basketball player in America hoping to inspire in children( 18/05/23 )

The Girls Cricket team enjoyed a wonderful day at thr Borough Festival winning 3 games out of 4 ( 16/05/23 )

GOLD again at Southwood......


We are delighted to announce that we, Southwood Primary School, have achieved the School Games GOLD Mark Award for the 2022/23 academic year. The School Games Mark is a Government-led award scheme launched in 2012, facilitated by the Youth Sport Trust to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community, and we are delighted to have been recognised for our success. With a total of young people competing in local inter-school competitions this year, we are extremely proud of our pupils for their dedication to all aspects of school sport, including those young volunteers, leaders and officials who made our competitions possible. As part of our application, we were asked to fulfil criteria in the areas of participation, competition, workforce and clubs, and we are pleased that the hard work of everyone at our school has been rewarded this year.

The Yr6 3x3 Basketball Team

played lots of games during the Borough Festival - although off to a slow start the children improved with every game - ( 19/04/23 )


Southwood 0 - 4 Goresbrook

Southwood 1 - 0 William Bellamy A

Southwood 0 - 3 Northbury A

Southwood 2 - 3 Northbury B

Southwood 8 - 0 William Bellamy B

Our Yr 5 & 6 Football team travelled to Wiliam Bellamy and put in a spirited performance going down 4-2 ( 20/03/23)

Our Panathlon team enjoyed success and the Borough Competition, coming away with another Trophy

Our Yr5 Football team returned to action but were just pipped 2-1 against Richard Alibon ( 10/03/22 )

Our Yr 6 Football team got back to winning ways with an exciting 5-4 win at John Perry Primary school ( 08/02/23 )

Our Yr 5 & 6 Netball team had a great afternoon at the Borough Comp just missing out on Finals day ( 07/02/23 )

The Yr4 enjoying their Bikeability level 1 training ( 06/02/23 )

Our Yr 5 Football team returned to action, after losing the opening game 1-0 to a very good Ripple side they made amends beating Riverside 6-1 ( 02/02/23 )

Our Yr 5 & 6 Football team played neighbours Sydney Russell in an enthralling end to end game and eventually came out winners 7-5 ( 18/01/23 }

Our Yr6 team in action for the 1sttime this season, although a slow start to the game a much improved 2nd half performance with more games to come ( 12/01/23 )

A great performance by our mixed boys and girls cricket team, just losing in the Semi-Final of the Borough Festival ( 07/12/22 )

Another impressive display by the Yr5 football team, 3 out of 3 with a 2-1 win over Manor Juniors ( 02/12/22 )

A great evening of Football for the Yr6 Girls, playing 2 games, winning 1 and losing 1 - ready for next weeks game ( 01/12/22 )

The Yr6 Girls Football team played their 1st ever game and were narrowly beaten in extra time by St Vincents 2-1, the girls are already looking forward to their next game ( 24/11/22 )

Another impressive performance from the Yr5 Boys Football team, coming from behind to beat St Peter's 2-1 ( 18/11/22 )

Our Year 6 BasketbalLteam enjoyed an action packed afternoon playing in the Borough Competition, after a slow start the boys and girls played some superb basketball and got better and better with each game.( 14/11/22 )


Southwood 0 - 2 Rush Green

Southwood 0 - 2 St Jospehs

Southwood 0 - 0 Manor Juniors

Southwood 2 - 2 Gascoigne

Southwood 0 - 1 Northbury

Southwood 2 - 0 Henry Grren

Southwood  1 - 0 Rush Green

Our Yr5 Boys Football team has got off to a flying start to the season with a great 5-0 win, hopefully more to follow ( 10/11/22 )

This year, at Southwood Primary School, we have entered more sport competitions than ever before. Here is a selection of pictures from some of our competitions

Our Year 6 Residential Trip to Trewern - the children had an amazing time learning new life skills and working as a team - attached are just a few photos of their wonderful time ( 17-21 Oct 22 )

GOLD again @ Southwood - The School Games Mark is a Government-led award scheme launched in 2012, facilitated by the Youth Sport Trust to reward and recognise school’s engagement (provision and uptake) in the School Games against a national benchmark and to celebrate keeping young people active, and we are delighted to have been recognised for our success.

The Yr 5 & 6 Athletics team in action at the Borough Comp. ( 27/06/22)

Reception Sport day - great to see the children and their families having fun

Yr 3 & 4 had their Sports day ,- lots of excited children having lots of fun

Yr 1 & Yr 2 had their Sports Day - lots of different activities and lots of FUN in the sun ( more photos to follow )

Our Yr 3 & Yr 4 Athletics teams enjoying the sun at the Borough Competition ( 15/06/22)

The Girls bounced back from a disappointing result in their last game to draw an existing match with local neighbours Valence 1-1 ( 23/06/22 )

A-Life visited our school and engaged the children in their Healthy Living workshops along with a fun fitness session

BT Studio Tour - some of our Yr 4 & 5 children visited the BT Studio to see how Sports programmes were made and also saw Rio Ferdinand and asked him some questions about his sporting like and achievements

Some of our children were lucky enough to visit Wembley Stadium and have a guided tour around the famous venue - all thanks to Openreach

Heart break at the end as St Tersa's score with the last kick of the game and win 2-1 ( 07/05/22 )

The Girls football entered the Super 6 stage against Northbury losing 3-0 against a very good side -

The Year 5 & 6 Athletics team performed well at the Borough Athletics Festival ( 15/03/22 )

Excellent performance by the Girls - winning 3-1 against Henry Green ( 14/03/22 )

Another impressive performance from the Girls Football team winning 9-0 against Riverside ( 07/03/22 )

The Yr 4 & 5 Boys football team hit a bump in the road - drawing 3-3 with St Vincents & losing 6-1 to a very good Ripple side

The Yr4 & 5 Boys football team continue with another impressive performance winning 5-2 against Monteagle ( 25/02/22 )

The Yr 4 & 5 Boys football team bounced back in style beating Hunters Hall 10-1 ( 07/02/22 )

The Boys Yr 4 & 5 Football Team played their 1st ever game together against a well organised St Joseph's team and were very unlucky to lose 4-0, with plenty more games coming up a victory is soon in sight ( 03/02/22 )

The Girls played George Carey and came up against some very tough opposition and lost 4-0 but played and as a team and never gave up - Great effort ( 31/01/22 )

The Girls played Eastbury in the B&D league and ran out winning 2-0, another great TEAM performance with goals from Maggie & Tanaira ( 20/01/22 )

The Girls football team played Northbury in the B&D Cup, unfortunately losing 4-1 but played some great football and have a lot more games coming up ( 14/01/22 )

Yr 6 Football team against Beam - unfortunately the result was not in our favour and plenty to work on in readiness for the next game ( 13/01/22 )

Year 5 & 6 Girls Football Team 29/11/21


Southwood travelled to Rose Lane Primary school and after a tough game ran out winners 4-2

Well done Girls , another great TEAM result

Year 5 & 6 Girls Football

Southwood 5 - 4 Roding ( 18/11/21 )


The Girls played there 1st match for nearly two years against Roding, a game that was end to end throughout finished with Southwood  winning 5-4 in a highly enjoyable game played between 2 very good sides.

Congratulations to our Year 4 Bikeability children for passing their Level 1 course - 06/01/22

Southwood Panathlon Team 22/11/21


Our Panathlon team entered the B&D Competition and thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon out at Eastbrook School

The team played 8 games against other local school and came out CHAMPIONS


The team  - Joe, Victoria, Zak, Hunter, TJ, Dominykas

We had a great day out at the BT Studio with some of our yr4 & 5 children, seeing how programmes are made and then met and chatted to Rio Ferdinand all thanks to Openreach

Photos from Nursery ( morning & afternoon ) Sports day - Jun 21

Photos from the Reception Sports day - Jun 21

As part of Health & Fitness week A-Life came in and showed the Children about Healthy eating & Living

Great Britain Athlete Victoria Ohuruogu visits Southwood - Jun 21

Year 5 learning to catch and field during their cricket lesson 10/06/21

The Big Pedal

26th - 30th April 2021


This year we took part in the National Big Pedal campaign, the aim was to get more families walking, scooting or cycling to school to help promote a healthier lifestyle


below are some of the pictures of the children taking part


The Bid Pedal winners were

Charlie - Nursery

Evelyn - Reception

Isla - KS1

Chalee - Lower KS2

Stanley - Upper KS2

School Games Award



We are pleased to announce that for the 3rd year running we have achieved the School Games Gold Mark ( our Gold mark hasd been carried forward for the 19/20 academic year )

The School games award is a government lead award Scheme.

Facilitated by the Youth Sports Trust  to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competitions across their school and in the community, and we are delighted to have been recognised for our success.

 With a total of young people competing in Local inter school competitions this year, we are extremely proud of our pupils  for their dedication to all aspects of school sport including those young volunteers, leaders and officials who have made our competition possible. 


Boys Football

The Year 6 football team were finally able to play their 1st game of the season against local neighbours James Campbell

The boys played superbly well and ran out worthy winner 7-1 with Charlie S, Harun, Desmond and Michael among the scorers


PE Activities at Home


Below are lots of different activities we can all do at home to keep us as active as possible until we can get back into school,

you can keep track of the activities you do by completing the Learning Planner 


You can choose a couple to complete each time and please send some pictures of you doing these to me at




Mr Stevens


Some more on-line PE activities 



Nike & Discovery Education

Active Kids Do Better



Resources to support Active Classroom, Active Playground and Active Home to get pupils moving before, during and after the school day



Youth Sport Trust

Primary PE Activities

  • Athletics         
  • Dance
  • Games
  • Gymnastics
  • Outdoor / Adventure + more


Youth Sport Trust

60 Second Challenge




Pupils compete against themeselves in Personal Challenge type activity and aim to achieve

gold, silver or bronze medal targets


Youth Sport Trust

After School Sport Club



Every Tuesday and Thursday this term starting at 5pm.











A borough programme –

10 minutes of physical activity everyday, anywhere, anytime.  

Log on to the borough intranet or via  

Click on GO 365, Health (green) Get Active and then select from video resources


Premier Education

Stay Active


Collection of quick, creative, and fun activities to help parents keep their children active at home



PE with Joe



Live classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am.


BBC + Premier League

Super Movers



Just for Fun - curriculum linked resources to get everyone up and moving



Cosmic Kids Yoga


Yoga and mindfulness sessions on video in class and at home

EYFS, KS1 + years 3/4




Make learning active and fun for 4 – 11 year olds


Cricket –

Chance to Shine


National charity that aims to give all children the opportunity to play, learn and develop through cricket.

Live cricket session every Wednesday at 2pm - suitable for home or school

Try these at Home

  Virtual Panathlon Event


This year we are unable to travel to the Panathlon event so we are holding the Virtual event in school


The children had lots of fun trying out some new games - watch this space for the next installment of games and enjoyment

Joseph Gill from Turquiose class


 is this year’s Panathlon’s ‘’Primary Outstanding Achievement Award’’ winner for London for immense bravery in the face of his learning disabilities and personal tragedy.


The eight-year-old, a pupil at Southwood Primary School,suffered a brain injury shortly after birth due to contracting meningitis. This brain injury impacted Joe’s ability to retain information, both his short term and long-term memory were affected.


He has developed a love of sport thanks to his PE teacher , Stewart Stevens and taking part in competitions organised by Panathlon, the charity which gives over 22, 000 disabled young people every year opportunities to engage in competitive sport they are so often denied.


Joe has made outstanding progress in the last few years- he has struggled with his independent skills and he would need support from his peers and adults to complete basic tasks- getting dressed after PE, remembering his coat and water bottle, listening and following basic instructions. He also struggled to make basic conversation with his peers and would return to the same ‘safe’ topics to initiate conversation (things that he could remember – his teeth falling out or helping Grandad with his car were his favourites)


Joe’s independence has grown over the last couple of years as well as his confidence and this has definitely been helped through his participation in the Panathlon.

Teacher Stewart Stevens said “ He loves to come back after the Panathlon events and share information about the day and show off his medals! He now shares information that he has remembered with family members and they can now join in with his excitement. He has learnt independent skills such as changing into his kit, remembering his own equipment and following instructions for each activity”.

“Through Panathlon Joe has learned how to play games within a team environment as well as individually. Panathlon has helped vastly with Joe’s independence, he now knows when & why we take turns in activities & the different types of equipment used for different activities”.

Since Joe has attended Panathlon this has enabled his grandparents to come and support him and have commented that they didn’t realise that activities like Panathlon ever existed and fully support this.


During Joe’s life journey he has had to encounter several operations at GOSH to replace the shunt in his head (a tube that drains fluid from his brain),he has never been upset during this and in fact he can’t wait to get back to school and show his class mates & teachers what he has had done and show off his battle wounds.

Joseph Gill is a worthy recipient of the Outstanding Achiever award and embodies all values and the ethos Panathlon aspires to



The attached link is full of great links for activities to do at home - art, music, dance, sports, performance, cooking etc




The West Ham United Foundation’s delivery has altered due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and as West Ham’s response continues, the half-term is going to bring a new element to their holiday delivery programme. 

Running 10:30am-2:30pm on 26-29 May, the Foundation’s Holiday Hammers will be running free interactive, fun online development sessions, catering for boys and girls of all abilities from 5 to 14 years old. 

We invite the whole household to get involved in these sessions! Send in your images of you taking part to @WHUFoundation on Twitter! 

Coaches will be brought directly to you through video links and some of our first team and academy players will also be getting involved. 

The sessions will be workable whatever the space you have and will provide support for those wanting to improve physical literacy skills to those wanting to follow in Mark Noble or Gilly Flaherty’s footsteps. 

There will be a range of activities from Technical Football Challenges to Healthy Eating to Fun Fancy Dress Quizzes and lots more. 

A link to our virtual coures will be sent prior to 10am each day for you to go watch and join in


Follow this link to book on / register for the free sessions:





All the children at Southwood took part in lots of sporting activities throughout the day including learning a new sport, dancing with glow sticks and running the Daily mile

Everybody had fun ( including the teachers ) and were throughly worn out at the end of the day. 

Year 5 Football

v Monteagle


Lost 2-3

Team - Abijah, Charlie S, Desmond, Ronnie, Michael, Harun, Billy, Charlie N, Sam, Bobby, Matas

Borough Netball Comp.


We entered 2 teams 


Southwood A  0 v 1 Warren

Southwood A 0 v 4 St Josephs

Southwood A 0 - 3 Rush Green

Southwood A 1 v 1 Manor


Southwood B 0 v 0 Valence

Southwood B 0 v 2 St Joseph

Southwood B 0 v 7 Warren

Southwood B 6 v 2 Marsh Green 

Boys Football

West Ham Tournament @ Robert Clack

v Ripple 1-1

v George Carey 0-1

v Benhurst 0-1

v Clarkenhall 0-1

Girls Football

v Henry Green 0-2

v St Josephs 1-1

Curling & Seated Volleyball

@ Riverside School


Boys Yr 5 Football

v St Peters


Girls Football Team

v Godwin


Team - Tabitha, Holly, Lucy, Tayha, Mia, Roxy, Shaylah, Bryanna, Izzy

Girls Football Team 

v Gascoigne



Team - Mia, Bryanna, Tabitha, Tilly, Roxy, Tayha, Lucy

Indoor Athletics

@ Sydney Russell 

Yr 5 & 6


Inclusion Festival


@ UEL Sports arena

We were invited by the London Borough of Newham to participate in their Inclusion Festival where the children played lots of new, fun and exciting games 

Boys Yr 5 Football Team

v Northbury


lost 3-5

Girls Football Team

v Northbury


The girls 1st game of the season, the result wasnt as we wished but they played really good football, tried their hardest and witha  smile of their faces, roll on the next game

Indoor Cricket Festival

@ Sydney Russell


We entered our 1st ever Indoor cricket festival with both boys and girls playing

We won our 1st game against Ripple and then lost to Valence & Warren - the children all enjoyed the day and cant wait to play again

Yr 4 & 5 Football

v Valence



The boys played extremely well for their 1st game of the season, after a slow start the boys played some great football and fought their way back into the game but eventually lost 7-3 to a very well drilled Valence side 



Michael, Ayaat, Kaylan, Ronnie, Matas, Bobby, George, Stanley, Connor, Carter

Basketball Squad

12th Nov

B & D Basketball Tournament


Played 8

Won 6

Drew 1

Lost 1

Southwood Thunder 0 v 0 St Joseph

Southwood Thunder 8 v 0 Manor Lonbridge

Southwood Thunder 6 v 4 Beam


Southwood Raptors 2 v 0 St Vincents

Southwood Raptors 14 v 0 Manor Juniors

Southwood 16 v 0 William Bellamy


Q- Final

Southwood Raptors 20 v 4 St Josephs


Semi - Final

Southwood Raptors 4 v 6 Ripple

National Panathlon Finals

Copperbox 2019


Southwood travelled to the Copperbox arena in the National Panathlon Finals against 17 of the best Schools in the country after winning the London Finals, after a great day out where all the boys and girls had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves we finished 10th and can now proudly claim to be in the 10 best schools in the country at Panathlon


Year 5 & 6 Boys Football Team


The boys entered the  Essex Cup and were drawn away to Manor Longdbrige, being the boys 1st game together they played some excellent football and ran out deserved winners 4 - 0


Team - Corey, Amir, Yanis, Nicolas, Kody, Charlie, Riley, Harun, Desmond

Southwood Panathlon Team take Silver


Our successful Panathlon Team took home Silver Medals after finishing 2nd in the Barking & Dagenham Panathlon Festival




Our Yr 5 & 6 Cross Country Teams taking part in the Borough Athletics Competition at Mayesbrook Park


Well done to all those that took park running 1.3 miles 

Aysha Clunis Yr 6 came 5 out of 130

Mia Harbrodge Yr 5 cam 10 out of 120


School Games Award



We are pleased to annouce that for the 2nd year running we have achieved the School Games Gold Mark 

The School games award is a government lead award Scheme.

Facilitated by the Youth Sports Trust  to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competitions across their school and in the community, and we are delighted to have been recognised for our success.

 With a total of young people competing in Local inter school competitions this year, we are extremely proud of our pupils  for their dedication to all aspects of school sport including those young volunteers, leaders and officials who have made our competition possible. 




London Panathlon Finals

2nd July 2019

@ Copperbox Arena


Our Panathlon Team travelled to the Copperbox Arena representing Barking & Dagenham in the London Final


With the 18 teams from all across London being split in 3 pools we won our Pool and as we scored more points than all other schools we were crowned OVERALL LONDON WINNERS .


we are so pleased with our Panathlon Team the way they played all the games in a friendly and encouraging spirit.